The Chuck Taylor Mania: How It All Started

Chucks are fascinating. If there is something I want to have a huge collection of, it would be Chuck Taylor shoes. I could use a hundred pairs, you know. Well I got one right now. Ninety-nine more to go!

Okay, so let’s go over how the Chucks culture really started. The shoes first came out in 1917 and was originally named Converse All-Stars. It was produced by Converse shoe company in an attempt to dominate the basketball shoes market. It didn’t gain popularity until basketball player Chuck Taylor preferred the shoes as his own basketball shoes. He was known himself to prefer the dirty-look white high-tops. The shoes became his signature shoes since then and by popularity, was renamed Chuck Taylor All-Stars, after his name, as Chuck became the leading salesman.

The fashion trend of Chuck Taylor shoes started in the late 1970’s by Punk Rock fans. Many Punk Rock bands wore the shoes to support this trend. Chuck Taylor shoes became even more popular in the 1990’s when fans of the world-famous rock band Nirvana imitated the band’s lead singer Kurt Cobain who had worn Chuck Taylor shoes all the time. Kurt Cobain had worn Chucks for years before 90’s which influence he got from many rock bands he became fond of at his early age.

Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes enthusiasts nowadays are growing in numbers due to the “old school” trends coming out in Popular Culture. Many celebrities adopted the shoe’s trend by matching it with their own fashion style.

Aside from the shoe’s comfortable design, the nicest thing about Chucks nowadays perhaps is that you can wear it with almost anything you desire without losing STYLE. Chucks own STYLE, that is.

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