Life Chucks!

Design Your Own Chuck Taylor Shoes Online

Do you ever want to design your own Chuck Taylor shoes but afraid they will be a mess and end up not identical? You know, good design for the right shoe but all messed up for the left pair? Well now Converse lets you design your own custom Chucks via Chuck Taylor Custom Creator Tool. This tool is way too easy to use and a lot of fun! Just select the Chucks you want(high or low tops) then paint it with your own 10 characters signature! Let your imagination run.

Sadly it only got 19 built in Prints and you can’t browse for more. Well I get the purpose for this limitation and that is because… here is the best part… You can actually buy your own design Chuck Taylor shoes for only $62! Now you are actually in control and the Chucks you design online are guaranteed identical once it arrives in your mailbox.

Check the Chuck Taylor Custom Creator Tool now. Also, take a look at LifeChucks in action below!

Chuck Taylor Designing Possibilities are Endless

Chuck Taylor Designing Possibilities are Endless

LifeChucks in Action Baby! Cool Huh?

LifeChucks in Action Baby! Cool Huh?

Responses (9)

  1. princess says:

    boo i love the website but it wont let you design your own xx-hi chuck taylor converse
    the newer version. however if you wan to make an original unique one it is the right place.

  2. I likewise conceive hence , perfectly written post! .

  3. Chris Mooney says:

    I love all things shoes your site has a lot of really good content on it.

  4. Jessica says:

    what website is it though?

  5. Baylie says:

    hi, if you live in Aus & (or) NZ, you will not be able to buy the shoes because they don’t send internationally

    hope of was some of assistance,

  6. May says:

    Does anyone know of a reliable site that does ship customisable chuck taylors to Australia or New Zealand?

  7. Thats pretty cool of converse. Glad to see that they offer the option to make your own chuck taylers. And they are not even that expensive. Good to see that they are using some good shoe design software

  8. Daisy says:

    It doesnt ship to australia!!!! :c


    i am very not happy there is only shipping in the us y not over to nz i made 3 and i wanted them but they do not ship to new zealand come on !

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