5 Best Sneaker Brand Choices For Almost Any Occasion

Choosing the best shoe brand that fits any occasion we’re attending to is not always a walk in the park. Primary thing to consider is how it suits our personality, budget, and most importantly, comfort.

We came up with a short list of which we think are the best brand choices that will make finding the perfect shoes or sneakers for almost every occasion all easy for you!

5.) Saint Laurent

This brand of sneakers provide class, comfort, and style. Choices would range from their variety of leather slip-on sneakers, canvas slip-on sneakers, paneled leather sneakers, leather and mesh sneakers, and canvas and leather sneakers. Not only these designs provide a classy and cool look, they are also comfortable when worn. The designs are unique so that they can be used for any different kinds of occasions.

4.) Vans

Sneakers design from Vans would surely excite you because of their fresh and diverse style. Just like Converse, Vans also provide different cool and fun creations which people of all ages can choose from. They do not only look comfortable, they feel comfortable as well. Choices are available for everyone with a different style from sporty to girly-girl to plain designs, cartoons, customized and personalized sneakers, classic, hip, skater designs.

3.) John Varvatos

John Varvatos is a highly regarded menswear all-around designer. He has lots of creations for men from perfumes to shoes and clothes and boots. He also has his own brand of designed sneakers which is immaculately appropriate for every kind of occasion that we know of. Most of his sneakers’ designs would include painted high top canvas sneakers, leather racer sneakers, leather oxford sneakers, canvas oxford sneakers, and  tarmac leather sneakers, among many others. He also notably designed sneakers for Converse.

2.) Keds

Keds sneakers is famously endorsed by Hollywood music scene country singer Taylor Swift. But even before Ms. Swift was associated with Keds, this mega-branded sneakers had been providing cute, fun, and stylish footwear for men, women, and kids alike, from plains to printed designs. The brand is mostly popular with girls because of its colorful print and stylish designs. Some of the brand’s products use canvas, leather, sequin, and twill.

1.) Converse

If you’re looking for a cool and diversified style of branded sneakers, Converse is the best choice for you in every occasion. Coined as the most recognizable shoes in the world, Converse gives its consumers a wide range of creative designs to choose from. With creative ideas like from rubbers to leather platforms, its cool and fun designs simply goes well with any kind of outfit that you can think of. Some hip and stylish consumers use this brand as a unisex kind of footwear, and it still looks good on any outfit! Call it comfortable and fashionable, from high cut to low cut designs, Converse sneakers surely gets a way to any kind of occasion you are into.

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