Kristen Stewart in Shabby Hi Top Chuck Taylors

Kristen Stewart in Black Hi Top Chucks

We have featured Kristen Stewart’s indisputable love for Converse Chuck Taylor shoes even on red carpet. Now we’re featuring her again spotted wearing two different shabby hi-top Chuck Taylor shoes within a week.

Kristen Stewart in Shabby White Hi Top Chucks
photo credits to JustJaredJr.

The photo above was taken March 21 while on the set of her upcoming movie, Still Alice, with co-star Juliane Moore, she was wearing a shabby white hi top Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. I think that goes well with the character she plays in the movie.

Kristen Stewart in Black Hi Top Chucks
photo credits to DailyMail

Seen here on March 27 make-up free and wearing a (still) shabby Black Hi Top Converse Chuck Taylor while out and about with a girl friend in LA. We just love how she keeps her low-key style when not on the spotlight, as opposed to many young celebs nowadays. It goes to show she is really down-to-earth and that’s just one of the many things we love about her!

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