Converse All Star XX-Hi – Black/Glitter

I was looking for a unique low top chucks today at Google but instead I stumbled with the opposite of what I’m looking for. A Chuck Taylor shoes which covers your feet up to your knees, a Converse All Star XX-Hi – Black/Glitter. I thought Emma Watson‘s chucks were the highest, I was wrong. This Chuck Taylor is taking style to the next level, or should I say to the highest level. Still features the classic Converse looks and feel with zipper closure to the back side. If you’re a chucks collector, you might want to check out Converse All Star XX-Hi – Black/Glitter.



67 Comments on “Converse All Star XX-Hi – Black/Glitter”

  1. Can anyone tell me were I can buy these shoes. the only place that I have seen that sells these shoes is ebay. The people on ebay do not have my size plus they wnat to much.

  2. Hi mate I’m going to take some professional photos and I need that converses as quiqk as possible, please contact me You have my email, if You have other types of converses xx Hi please show me..

    Paulo C

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