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Converse Low Top Chucks in Rainbow Sequins

Coming this December 2009 from Converse is the new All-Star Low Top shoes with sequins wrapped around the upper forming a rainbow color. Looks great for Christmas season! I think this one also looks great in my collection! 😉

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Converse All Star Low Top Rainbow Sequins

Converse All Star Low Top Rainbow Sequins

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  1. Ingrid says:

    Hi, where do I find a pair in Melbourne?? I playing on stage soon, it would work well under the lights, and they with match my new top!

    Ingrid 🙂

    *** Please help!!??

  2. Alesha Riehm says:

    Great car. Beautiful example. I test drove one once and it was a blast. Someday I’ll grab one.

  3. Lorna Olmos says:

    rainbow colors are really nice, my favorite color is blue and red.;

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