3 Best TV Shows Inspired Chuck Taylors

If you are going to ask every enthusiasts out there, we would conceivably come up with Breaking Bad, Dexter and Walking Dead as the top 3 best shows that existed on American television. We’ve seen merchandises inspired by these 3 gems sprouting everywhere that we would recklessly spend our last penny on.

Recently we bumped into one of the coolest things ever in chucks history for tv shows junkies (like us) who at the same time have fixation on the popular sneaker. Pop culture illustrator Jon Defreest created 3 awesome Chuck Taylor designs inspired by these tv shows. His creations drew attention not only to many fans but also to stars!

A popular site Tauntr made the shoes available for purchase on their store due to demand. It is also where we got the images below from.

Breaking Bad Themed Chuck Taylor
Breaking Bad-inspired chucks
Dexter Themed Chuck Taylor
Dexter-inspired chucks
Walking Dead Themed Chuck Taylor
Walking Dead-inspired chucks

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