9 A-List Female Celebrities Who Loves Converse

Whether it is our favorite A-list celebrity or one we find extremely annoying, we can’t help but be inspired when it comes to their sense of style. And it is always pleasing to know when our favorite star has a taste that coincides with our own.

We have gathered a list of female celebrities who made it big in Hollywood or Popular Culture and who share one thing in common; the inexorable love of Converse. They go about their days, from stepping out to get groceries to walking down the red carpet, wearing just what they feel most comfortable in and a pair of the iconic sneaker.

We have featured Twilight actress, Kristen Stewart, several times in our blog and has gained our number one spot on the list. Having been photographed wearing Converse more than Rihanna was photographed wearing a bra, it is no doubt that she is the Queen of Converse. Stylish celebrity moms Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba are among those who made it in our list.

Celebrity or not, it is absolutely difficult to live up to what others would rather want you to be. So be yourself, grab that Chuck Taylor pair you have from high school and get fashion style inspiration from our list!

Miley Cyrus Converse
9.) Miley Cyrus
Jessica Alba Converse
8.) Jessica Alba
Avrial Lavigne Converse
7.) Avril Lavigne
Amanda Seyfried Converse
6.) Amanda Seyfried
Selena Gomez Converse
5.) Selena Gomez
Diane Kruger Converse
4.) Diane Kruger
Kiera Knightley Converse
3.) Kiera Knightley
Natalie Portman Converse
2.) Natalie Portman
Kristen Stewart Converse
1.) Kristen Stewart

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