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9 A-List Female Celebrities Who Loves Converse

9 A-List Female Celebrities Who Loves Converse

Whether it is our favorite A-list celebrity or one we find extremely annoying, we can’t help but be inspired when it comes to their sense of style. And it is always pleasing to know when our favorite star has a taste that coincides with our own. We have gathered a list of female celebrities who […]

Kristen Stewart in Shabby Hi Top Chuck Taylors

Kristen Stewart in Shabby Hi Top Chuck Taylors

We have featured Kristen Stewart’s indisputable love for Converse Chuck Taylor shoes even on red carpet. Now we’re featuring her again spotted wearing two different shabby hi-top Chuck Taylor shoes within a week. The photo above was taken March 21 while on the set of her upcoming movie, Still Alice, with co-star Juliane Moore, she […]

Kristen Stewart: From Stilettos to Sneakers

At the Breaking Dawn Part 1 LA Premiere

I think everybody knows Kristen Stewart as one of the few young celebrities who, despite the pressure of being in the limelight, just love being herself. And I love that she doesn’t let anybody take that away from her. She may be a rebel type and may have made bad decisions (who doesn’t!) in life […]

Twilight: Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart Loves Converse

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is just less than a month away and I know it got a solid fan base. At the conclusion of Twilight, Bella Swan broke her right foot but it didn’t stop her to go to the prom with Edward Cullen. She might be wearing a brace but take a look […]

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