5 Ways to Take Care of Your Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes

Chuck Taylors are usually in-style for everyday use and for almost every occasion. Be it at school, church, the mall, even use it with your cutest summer dress or khaki shorts. No doubt most of us use it almost everyday. Long-term use would eventually wear out your Chucks.

So, here’s some useful ways in taking care of your Converse Chuck Taylor shoes:

1.) Use good quality socks

Some of us prefer wearing Chucks with socks. Choose socks that have good quality (not too saggy, not too tight, comfortable, and absorbs perspiration). This could also keep your feet in good condition.

Ways to Take Care of Your Converse2.)Safekeeping

When storing them, always have the shoes opened and kept in a well ventilated area to provide air circulation inside them. It’s not also advisable to keep them in the box after using.

3.) Lacing tips

Laces should be loosen all the way down after using. The laces should be straightened and stretched out first and not coiled or twisted when used.

4.) Avoid contact with harmful contaminants

When using your Chucks and walking and running outdoors, always keep in mind that the outdoor environment have lots of toxic contaminants that could deteriorate and ruin your shoes’ quality.

5.) Wash with care

Do not use strong chemicals such as bleach because it could affect the fabric. You can use mild soap and water in the washing machine, however it can dilute the color of the canvas. The most preferred way is to hand wash your Chucks, do not use hard cleaning brushes (a damp cloth is preferred).

When drying your Converse shoes, dry them in a normal temperature or air dry. Do not use dryers, and/or away from excessive heat.

Note: Putting them behind the fridge for drying is NEVER a good idea.

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