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Twilight: Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart Loves Converse

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is just less than a month away and I know it got a solid fan base. At the conclusion of Twilight, Bella Swan broke her right foot but it didn’t stop her to go to the prom with Edward Cullen. She might be wearing a brace but take a look at the other foot baby, it’s Converse! Wow, going to a prom with a vampire and wearing Converse doesn’t change a thing. Bella still looks hot! We hope we could still spot Bella Swan on New Moon with another Chuck Taylor sneakers.



Bella Swan in Chuck Taylor shoes

Now off to the Twilight franchise and filming, Kristen Stewart still loves Converse. She is usually spotted wearing a pair of Chucks. I got to say, Bella Swan and Kristen Stewart both got style!

Kristen Stewart in Black High Tops Chuck Taylor sneaks

Responses (8)

  1. Frances says:

    Are Bella’s converse chuck taylor all style shoes BLACK or NAVY BLUE? Thanks.

  2. chuckfreak says:

    The low cut one is navy blue. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Kristen Stewart is really the best actress for the movie Twilight. I bet that Kristen and Robert Pattinson would also make a good couple. .

  4. Kristen Stewart got the looks and the talent to become an excellent Bella Swan in the Twilight movie. ”

  5. Kristen Stewart is very beautiful, she and Taylor Lautner should get married*:*

  6. Kristen Stewart has a unique smile that i love, she is very pretty,.’

  7. She looks great whatever she wears on her foot! Talking ’bout twilight, the series is currently one of the most popular books written for young adults, with 50 million copies sold worldwide and over 7.7 million copies sold in the U.S. alone..just dropping by..;)

  8. Abbott says:

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